So the most obvious element to this story to me, is the fact that Pierce never criticized the idiot who tried to embarasss him. I have not read the entire press release on Gamesutra, but clearly the company wanted to keep him, and he refused. This could not be an indicator that he was going to be let go.

A good game developer uses good logic to make a good game. Logic is hard to come by, as  it cannot really be taught, as much as developed. If you ask me, the intensity of the response by the CEO of OMGPOP is similar to a spurned lover. Just saying.

I have not tried Connectrode, but the comments seem to be positive. Some of which tried it out due to this publicity. He probably should send his former boss an edible bouquet..and tell him to “eat it”.

Anyway,  kudos to you developer Pierce. Live long and prosper.


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